Elite Medical (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is one of Chinese leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical, surgical and dental products. We specialize in manufacturing urinary catheters, urine bags,endotracheal Tube  oxygen mask surgical blade  absorbent cotton wool surgical gown and ect.

Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage|Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage China
Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage
Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage General Information: 1. Bandage by material divided into non-woven self-adhesive elastic bandage and cotton self-adhesive elastic bandage. Non-woven self-adhesive elastic bandage made of flexible non-woven fabrics and natural latex. Cotton self-adhesive elastic bandage made of elastic cotton cloth and natural latex. 2. Wide application in hospital clinical treatment and rehabilitation, sport protection, travel standby, animal protection, pet grooming and other areas. 3. Dressing fixed special positions, for instance the head and face, hand and other irregular parts. After burnt can use compressed bandaging to reduce the blood that comes out, control edema and hematoma. Varicose veins of lower extremity bandaging, speed up the flow vein. Splint fixation, fixed joint protection. 4. Sticks to itself, does not stick to hair, skin, clothing no pins and clips needed. Soft, breathable and comfortable. Easy hand tear, no scissors needed. 5. Provide light compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation. Stable and reliable cohesiveness. 6. Constant unwinding tension, good tensile strength. 7. Color and size can follow customer’s demand.
Silicone Flat Perforated Drain|Silicone Flat Perforated Drain China
Silicone Flat Perforated Drain
Silicone Flat Perforated Drain General Information: 1. Made of medical grade silicone. 2. This Drain combines a transparent silicone round tube and a white perforated flat drain. The inner wall of the implanted flat segment features tooth-like structure to prevent possible occlusion when the tube is pressed or kinked. 3. 3/4 or full perforation are available for optimal drainage with X-ray opaque effectiveness throughout its entire implanted segment. 4. Visual inspection and fluid observation is optimized through the transparent round tube. 5. Using trocar for insertion and combining with silicone Reservoir for fluids suction and collection. 6. Used for various surgeries. 7. The length can be made differently according to customers’ requirements.
Hot/Cold Pack|Hot/Cold Pack China
Hot/Cold Pack
Cat. No.: EL-HC-005
Magic Gel Hot Cold Pack General Information: 1. Usage: Cold compress: Put the cold/hot bag into freezer to be refrigerated for half an hour before taking out for use. Hot compress: Put the cold/hot bag into microwave oven to be warmed for 100 seconds for each time, and for 60 seconds when be used continuously. 2. Purpose: cold compress: Physical therapy for traumatic hemorrhage, heatstroke, itch, headache, strain, scald, fatigue. Hot compress: Alleviate rheumatic pain, neural pain, sciatica, vertebral pain, recover mucous membrane scar after surgery. 3. Precaution: the ice bag can only be used for external medication. If eye or skin should contact the content, it must be washed by clean water thoroughly. If one eats the content by mistake, he must drink enough water, try his best to vomit it and turn to a doctor when necessary. 4. In order to avoid a too low or a too high temperature, it should be better to enwrap the cold/hot bag with a towel or cotton cloth to begin with. Those who have something wrong with their circulation system should refer to a doctor in advance. 5. Characteristic: this product can be either used for cold or hot compress with a simple usage. The bag remains soft even under -18 conditions, and can be repeatedly used alternately for hot and for cold. 6. Non toxic. Non-caustic.
Silicone Round Perforated Drain|Silicone Round Perforated Drain China
Silicone Round Perforated Drain
Silicone Round Perforated Drain General Information: 1. Made of medical grade silicone. 2. Radio opaque line through the length for x-ray visualization. Clear tubing provides inspection and drainage visibility. 3. Soft and comfortable, EO sterile. It can be equipped with reservoir and trocar. 4. Used for various surgeries.
Infusion Filter|Infusion Filter China
Infusion Filter
Infusion Filter General Information: 1. To infuses the appliance, the drugs packing production to carry on the quality control in IV set or syringe’s terminal use high-efficiency filter. High-efficiency filter action remedial is also a final measure and the method, to soon enters human body’s solution to carry on the purification, this may immensely cut each link to the solution particle pollution, thus the reduced particle to the patient latent sometimes even is the direct harm, thus gets up to the patient the protective function.
Digital Thermometer|Digital Thermometer China
Digital Thermometer
1.Display range: 32.0~43.0° C(90F-109.4F) 2.Accuracy: ± 0.1° C(0.2F) 3.Min. Scale: 0.1 4.Measurement time (reference only): 10± 1 seconds (Rectal), 17± 2 seconds (Oral), 26± 3 seconds(underarm). 5.Beeper function. 6.Auto shut-off. 7.Memory: Last measuring reading
Sports Tape|Sports Tape China
Sports Tape
Sports Tape / Kinesiology Tape / Elastic Sport Adhesive Tape General Information: 1. Made of 100% cotton fabric, provide excellent tensile strength and superior conformability. available in various colors. 2. Hot melt adhesive, latex-free, maximum minimized skin irritation. 3. Non-elastic, rigid tape adheres strongly, but unwinds easily and consistently all the way to the core. 4. Strong support bandaging and provide firm support to ankles, wrists, hands and other body parts. Sports equipment binding. 5. Will not transfer even under the most adverse conditions, very convenient to tear by hand. 6. Provide firm support to ankles, wrists, hands and other body parts, fixing bandages for hot, cold packs. Compression bandage to help control swelling and stop bleeding. 7. Custom-made according to customer requirements specification.
Extension Tube|Extension Tube China
Extension Tube
Extension Tube General information: 1. Make the infusion extension convenient. 2. Including a female connector and a male one. 3. The length of extension tube could be at customer's request.
Non-stick wound dressing pads|Non-stick wound dressing pads China
Non-stick wound dressing pads
General Information: 1. The non-stick wound dressing pads could be used to ideal dressing for slightly draining wounds and minor abrasions. 2. Non-adherent pad is made of absorbent pads with non-adherent film on both sides and absorbent nonwoven cotton filler. 3. Ideal dressing for slightly draining wounds and minor abrasions. Won’t stick to wound. 4. Different size and different packing are available. Logo also can be added.
IV Training Pad (Four Vein Model)|IV Training Pad (Four Vein Model) China
IV Training Pad (Four Vein Model)
Cat. No.: EL-OS-006
Features: ◎This product permits the realistic practice of venipuncture techniques as well as being an excellent model to practice the mechanics of the newer no stick IV catheters. ◎This model displays blue veins which are barely discernible through the semi- transparent, tissue like material. ◎A "pop" is felt as the needle enters the vein. If resistance is experienced, the tip has either not been advanced far enough or advanced too far. ◎This four vein model has three different sized veins and one deeply placed vein. ◎Size: 4 5/8"x 5 5/8 ".
Cervical Brush|Cervical Brush China
Cervical Brush
Cervical Brush / Gynaecological Brush / Cyto Brush General information: 1. The medical brush is mainly used for gynecological, cervical cancer and venereal disease (e.g., AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Gynecological-related diseases) and it is essential medical equipment. It is widely used in developed countries. 2. Medical brush replaces the traditional cotton swab and other appliances. It is safer in the diagnosis of cervical cancer and gynecological diseases, easier to extract the cervix and cervical ministry of virus cell entry and more convenient to use. 3. Cell sampling collection. Brush head is made of nylon. Sterile by ETO.
Cartoon band-aid|Cartoon band-aid China
Cartoon band-aid
Cartoon band-aid General Information: 1. PVC or PE material, any other request materials is ok. 2. Strong adhesive ability (medical adhesive). 3. With or without ventilation hole 4. Ethylene oxide sterilization, waterproof. 5. With interesting cartoon patterns on surface, suitable for children or popular younger. 6. Your patterns are acceptable.
Active carbon fiber band-aid|Active carbon fiber band-aid China
Active carbon fiber band-aid
Active carbon fiber band-aid General Information: 1. Material: (1) Absorbent: carbon fiber, (2)Adhesion part: PVC,PE,PU or fabric ,elastic fabric available. 2. Strong adhesion and the glue is latex-free. 3. With or without ventilation hole as customers request 4. Ethylene oxide sterilization. 5. Good ventilation and anti-bacterium & bibulous pad. 6. Rectangular shape with any size, other sizes available on request. 7. It is better for the hemostasia and injury protection, especially for the small cuts, convenient when travel.
Paraffin Gauze|Paraffin Gauze China
Paraffin Gauze
Paraffin Gauze General Information: 1. Material: gauze with paraffin coated. 2. Strong adhesive ability (medical adhesive). 3. With or without ventilation hole. 4. Ethylene oxide sterilization, waterproof. 5. With interesting cartoon patterns on surface, suitable for children or popular younger. 6. Your patterns are acceptable.
Non-woven I.V. Dressing|Non-woven I.V. Dressing China
Non-woven I.V. Dressing
Non-woven I.V. Dressing General Information: 1. Spunlace nonwoven fabric coated with acrylic adhesive can stick on the skin firmly, it will not drop off from the skin when meeting water, it is hypoallergenic and easy to be peeled off. 2. “U” shaped design style enhances the fixation of the catheter. 3. Good absorption of pinhole exudates. 4. Application: for fixing Y shaped, butterfly, catheter drug kettle. 5. Material or other specification can be according to customers’ requirement
EDTA Tube|EDTA Tube China
K2/K3 EDTA Tube General Information: EDTA tube is widely used in clinical haematology, cross matching, blood grouping as well as various kinds of blood cell test instruments. It offers a comprehensive protection for blood platelet, so that it an effectively stop the gathering of blood cell, especially for protecting the blood platelet, so that it can effectively stop the gathering of blood platelet and makes the form and volume of blood cell uninfluenced within a long time. Excellent outfits with super-minute technique can spray additive uniformly on the inner surface of the tube, thus blood specimen can completely mix with the additive. EDTA anticoagulant plasma is used for biological assay of pathogenic microorganism, parasite and bacterial molecule, etc.
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