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EL060101 Standard Endotracheal Tube without cuff
  • Murphy eye incorporated as an additional safety feature.

  • Smooth bevelled and carefully moulded hooded tip to assist intubation and to provide high patient safety and comfort.

  • Intubation depth marks and pre-mounted 15 mm connector.

  • For both oral and nasal intubation.

  • Tip-to-Tip X-ray line allows for safe positioning control.

EL060101PVC 2.0mm2.9mm 150mm
EL060101PVC 2.5mm3.5mm 150mm
EL060101 PVC 3.0mm4.2mm 170mm 
EL060101PVC 4.0mm5.5mm  205mm 
EL060101PVC 4.5mm6.2mm 225mm 
EL060101PVC 5.0mm6.9mm 245mm
EL060101PVC 5.5mm7.5mm  275mm 
EL060101PVC  6.0mm8.2mm  285mm 
EL060101PVC  6.5mm 8.8mm  295mm 
EL060101PVC  7.0mm9.6mm  305mm 
EL060101PVC 7.5mm10.2mm 315mm 
EL060101PVC 8.0mm10.9mm 325mm 
EL060101PVC 8.5mm11.5mm  325mm
EL060101PVC 9.0mm 12.1mm  325mm 
EL060101PVC9.5mm12.7mm 325mm
EL060101PVC10.0mm13.6mm 325mm

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