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EL0611 Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • Beveled tip.

  • For nasal airway management.

  • Smooth surface for easy insertion.

Trumpet type

Trumpet flange can be with standard 15mm fitting.

Thickened type

Thickened flange and trumpet flange are designed to prevent tube slipping into the nasal airway.

Slidable type

Slidable rings are designed to adjust depth of the tube for more comfort while also prevent tube from slipping the nasal airway beyond the desired depth.

REF       Meterial              Size       ID/ODLength
EL061112 PVCFr123.0mm/4.2mm72mm
EL061113 PVCFr143.5mm/4.9mm85mm
EL061101 PVCFr164.0mm/5.5mm105mm
EL061102 PVCFr184.5mm/6.2mm110mm
EL061103 PVCFr205.0mm/6.9mm115mm
EL061104 PVCFr225.5mm/7.5mm125mm
EL061105 PVCFr246.0mm/8.2mm135mm
EL061106 PVCFr266.5mm/8.8mm145mm
EL061107 PVCFr287.0mm/9.6mm150mm
EL061108 PVCFr307.5mm/10.2mm160mm
EL061109 PVCFr328.0mm/10.9mm175mm
EL061110 PVCFr348.5mm/11.5mm185mm
EL061111 PVCFr369.0mm/12.1mm190mm

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