Product Details
EL0615 Simple Nasal Oxygen Catheter
  • Suitable for easy and efficient administration of oxygen.

  • Funnel connector at proximal end.

  • Soft and smooth open distal end facilitates non-traumatic insertion.

  • Three types are available: with moveable sponge, with non-moveable sponge at distal end, and without sponge.

REFMaterialSize   Mark  
EL061501PVC08FrWith sponge
EL061502PVC10FrWith sponge
EL061503PVC12FrWith sponge
EL061504PVC14FrWith sponge

   REF   Material   Size Mark
    EL061505PVC08FrWithout sponge
    EL061506PVC10FrWithout sponge
    EL061507PVC12FrWithout sponge
    EL061508PVC14FrWithout sponge

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