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EL0631 Ventilator Circuit
  • Light weight,enhancing patient's comfort.

  • Match all kinds of anaesthetic and breathing machines.

  • Smoothbore with watertraps. 

  • High transparency for good visibility.

  • Sampling line, extra limb are available upon customer's request.

  • Available in a variety of length.


EL063101φ22mm, 1*160cm+2*80cm corrugated tubes, Adult
EL063102φ15mm, 1*150cm+2*75cm corrugated tubes, Pediatric
EL063103φ22mm, 4*80cm corrugated tubes, Adult
EL063104φ22mm, 4*75cm corrugated tubes, Pediatric
EL063105φ22mm, 1*160cm+2*80cm smoothbore tubes, Adult
EL063106φ15mm, 1*150cm+2*75cm smoothbore tubes, Pediatric
EL063107φ22mm, 4*80cm smoothbore tubes, Adult
EL063108φ22mm, 4*75cm smoothbore tubes, Pediatric

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